eco  Eco Antique-Boutique Hotel


Environmental Policy



We are trying hard to make your holiday hotel more environmentally friendly - both inside and out - and the following are just a few of the things we have made here at the Chateaux Constantin .For further detailed information, please ask at the Reception. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact the Reception

Εnergy Saving

· Law energy light bulbs at public areas
· Energy saver switches when guest room is empty
· Double-glazing in all public areas & bedrooms.
· 100% solar energy for the hot water
· Photocells at the corridors and the parking


Water Saving and Quality

· flow regulators on all bathroom taps
· all chemical substances (detergents, gardens fertilizers and pesticides) are ecologically tested according to eco-friendly criteria (90% biodegradable, no CFCs, 80% reduction of chlorine, organic fertilizers and biological pest control agents   etc.)

Noise Reduction

· sound insulated engineering plant
Waste management
· reduce- reuse- recycle” policy
·safe collection and disposal
Reduction of solid waste
·returnable glass bottles, beer and refreshments
Reduction of plastic and aluminium packaging
·offer to all guests of linen shopping bag to reduce plasti bags
·Cups and plates have been made from glass
Recycling  of glass, lamps, batteries, paper

Other Activities

·eco friendly mini-bars (no use of CFCs)
·non-smoking area


·guided tours in the resort forest with activities and games for kids and adults

·organic garden and presentation of cultivated herbs
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