don pablo

"Don Pablo" Restaurant
Award Winning Restaurant

Homemade Cuisine with Exquisite Pasta ... and more!!!


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“Don Pablo" Restaurant

Homemade Cuisine with Exquisite Pasta

at “Chateaux Constantin”


Agistro Serres


Dear friends! I would like to thank you once again for your support all these years. Chateaux Constantin has become your home in the village…as I have written many times the rewards you give us bring us the strength to create. Many of you over the years have requested a restaurant at Chateaux Constantin and so we have created an exquisite Homemade Cuisine restaurant called “Don Pablo”, with such a magical homely feeling that you will think you are in your grandparent’s house.


Antiques fill the restaurant, candles in combination with simple quality music and the wood-burner create a fairytale atmosphere that will make you feel like you don’t want to get up from your table….the homemade cuisine is the perfect harmony of freshly cooked homemade food and good wine. All of the meals are accompanied by exquisite Barilla and “Zeas” pasta. In all of the meals at Don Pablo fresh ingredients are the dominating factor. The combination of herbs results in a deliciously tasty meal.


Some of our menu choices are cooked in a wood burner. All meals are cooked with virgin olive oil. The salt we use is Himalayan. The open kitchen will make you want to cook with us! The menu is “small but good”. Our philosophy is to always have fresh products delivered in small quantities, so this does mean that some items of the menu will run out during the day.





Bon Appetit!


Thanks and warmest regards,

Costis, Family & Co-workers



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